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Total Relax in Riviera del Monferrato

What’s better than enjoying a relaxing single or couple massage or a relaxing massage with a view of the hills of Monferrato and Cocconato.


Aromatic Massage

Muscle-relaxing Massage

Decontracting Massage

Couple Massage

Slow and prolonged movements with aromatic oils based on herbal spices and flowers with an intense relaxing power that promote muscle relaxation, and the tranquility of the spirit. Massage that acts on muscular tension relieving pain thanks to its relaxing action and improving circulation. Effective in cases of general muscle tension and tired legs, ideal for pregnant women. Deep massage that helps to release tension and muscular contractions caused by stress, incorrect posture and intense physical exertions. The beneficial action of essential oils combined with specific manual skills favors the oxygenation of tissues, the removal of toxins and lactic acid. Enjoy a moment of relaxation and well-being in the harmony of craftsmanship
synchronized, in the atmosphere of a room all for you.
price per person price per person price per person price per couple
30 min | 20,00 € 30 min | 25,00€ 30 min | 25,00€ 30 min | 50,00€
60 min | 35,00€ 60 min | 40,00€ 60 min | 40,00€ 60 min | 100,00€
At each massage you can add a tasting of organic teas (no. 2) at a cost of € 5.00


The massages are complete for the whole body and face and performed by a qualified operator.

Available by appointment only.

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