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Relax in Monferrato hills

The Monferrato is a great open book and on every page you can read the beauties of these hills.

So we are able to offer you an unique experiences to fully savor every facet; the landscape of the Monferrato is seem  a succession of paintings, designed by different painters and read by different men, and transmitting to everyone a unique feeling. A changing landscape depending on the season, which takes on indescribable shades of color, from the white of the snow covering the hills, to the green at first soft and gradually more intense, up to all the shades of reds and golden yellows in the autumn vineyards .

 Monferrato to be savored in every season.

Pic-nic Experience

Truffle search

Romanesque Route

The Castles

We will prepare you everything you need and you can choose the place: the vineyard, the Romanesque church or an adventure on horseback, the choice is yours.

In search of Her Majesty the Truffle, you will be accompanied by a truffle-man in the woods of the Monferrato for the most exciting search of the year. You can choose to venture into history, discovering the Romanesque and the Monferrato. The Monferrato homeland of the Romanesque and dotted with castles on every hill.
Price on request, minimum two people. By reservation only from October to January. On reservation with tourist guide, or independently. On reservation with tourist guide, or independently.


For all packages the reservation is required 24 hours before use.


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